Heron's Head Park - 2014

Public tours of Heron’s Head Park will be held Saturdays, January 11 and February 22, 2014. High School students from San Francisco schools will conduct tours of this little-known site just past Pier 94, near Hunter’s Point.

We hope to see many of the 100 birds sighted at Heron's Head Park. The black-necked stilt and the snowy egret are two of our favorites.

High School students may apply. Click here for an application.

Heron’s Head Park Tours
Tour Dates: January 11 and February 22, 2014.

Tour Time: The tour starts at 10am and it will take approximately one hour.

Location: Jennings Street & Cargo Way, two blocks south of Pier 96. Third Street will take you to Cargo Way. For directions: search for Heron’s Head Park SF at https://maps.google.com.

Cost: Adults $10.00, children free. No one turned away due to lack of funds.

Parking: Free parking available near entrance.

Please visit sfnature.org for more information, or plan your trip via public transit at MUNI’s web site.

High School volunteers: Click here for an application.


Interns(center) - Logan, Mina and Eddy lead the public tour.


Black-necked Stilt
Black-necked Stilt

 Photo credit: SFNE

Heron's Head Park: Film by ABC7

San Francisco Nature Education trains Lowell high school students to lead public tours at Heron's Head Park.

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