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San Francisco Nature Education

  • Provides interactive environmental education programs that develop leadership and stewardship in youth and adults. Our school programs, Science and Nature for Underserved Youth, focus on providing educational enrichment to students from underserved communities. We use local parks as natural classrooms to observe local and migratory birds and to provide inspiring and engaging natural experiences. 20,000 students served to date.
  • Conducts thirty field trips each year throughout San Francisco.
  • Conducts Heron Watch ten Sats. in April, May and June each Spring. Adult volunteers and interns with high powered spotting scopes show the nesting herons and their chicks to the public during a three hour period each Sat. and answer questions.
  • Trains middle school and high school students to serve as interns at Herons Head Park during winter migration and Stow Lake during the spring nesting season of the Great Blue Herons. 250 interns trained since 2002.
  • Publishes an eBlue Heron Newsletter ten times per year.

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Interview with Nancy DeStefanis - May 19, 2020 in the Frisc. Click here for the article. Photo by Kristi Coale.

All Heron Watch Programs and Birding for Everyone Nature Walks during April, May and June have been cancelled due to COVID 19. We hope to resume our programs and Nature Walks in September.

Activities for Children at Home: We have put together some fun and educational activities that you will enjoy. These engaging activities will teach you more about the great blue heron, its habitat, physiological struture, predators, etc. . . . Learn More


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School Programs - K-5 Classroom visits and field studies

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San Francisco Nature Education is now starting its thirteenth year of delivering comprehensive environmental education programs to students from underserved schools in the San Francisco Unified School District.

Saturday Public Programs

Birding for Kids Birding for Everyone Heron's Head Park Heron Watch